Ecce homo!


I'm Davechicken. Anything you need to knowm you can find in my (probably already) out of date Bio, or check my Livejournal, immaginatively enough under the name of Davechicken.

This site is run in tandem with my main fanfic site: Vix Ea Fatus Erat, which means 'Scarcely had he finished speaking'. The title for this page is a terrible bilingual pun. 'Ecce homo' actually translates as something like 'Look! There's a bloke!' Or, if you are terribly overly-educated, 'Lo! There is a chap!' or suchlike. But if you happen to be incredibly puerile like me, you'll giggle at the implication of 'Wouldya take a look at that gay guy!' Really. Laugh. Laugh hard. Because things only get worse from here.

So, because I inadvertantly named my fic-site something vaguely words-y, I decided I should have something vaguely visual-y for my vid site, which is more or less what this is. Lo the great linguist shows off her technical vocabulary.

This site is under construction, hence the half-hereness. Eventually I intend to host fic for those who need it, and also to host the current vid for downloading. You know what they say about the road to hell...